Thursday, September 13, 2007


Elenge (adj.) - protracted, tedious, wearisome, dreary, lonely.

And I awakned therwith, and wroot as me mette.
Thanne as I wente by the way, whan I was thus awaked,
Hevy chered I yede, and elenge in herte;
For I ne wiste wher to ete ne at what place,
And it neghed neigh the noon, and with Nede I mette,
That afrounted me foule and faitour me called.

- Langland, William: The vision of Piers Plowman (1377-1379)

The Middle-English Word of the Day is selected from Mayhew and Skeat's
"Concise Dictionary of Middle English."
As found on Greg Lindahl's website

The example text was found at the Middle English Collection of the University of Virginia Library.