Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Bauderye (n.) - unchastity, foul conversation, pandering.

"But here, with al myn herte, I the biseche,
That neuere in me thow deme swich folie
As I shal seyn: me thoughte by thi speche
That this, which thow me dost for compaignie,
I sholde wene it were a bauderye --
I am nought wood, al if I lewed be;
It is nought so, that woot I wel, parde.

- Chaucer, Geoffrey: Troilus and Criseyde (1385)

The Middle-English Word of the Day is selected from Mayhew and Skeat's
"Concise Dictionary of Middle English."
As found on Greg Lindahl's website

The example text was found at the Middle English Collection of the University of Virginia Library.