Monday, August 27, 2007


Busken (v.) - to make preparations, to prepare oneself, to get ready, to go, to hasten, to prepare, dress.

Ofte tourneth for tene & on the toun thynketh
Whan schadewes & schir day scheden attwynne
Leuerockes vpon lofte lyften her steuenes
Burnes busken hem out of bedde with bemes loude
Bothe blowyng on bent & on the burwe walles
Waspasian bounys of bedde busked hym fayr
Fram the fote to the fourche in fyne gold clothes
Suth putteth the prince

- The siege of Jerusalem (1390-1400)

The Middle-English Word of the Day is selected from Mayhew and Skeat's
"Concise Dictionary of Middle English."
As found on Greg Lindahl's website

The example text was found at the Middle English Collection of the University of Virginia Library.